We risk our team being as distracted as The Nuggets and Nets have been all season!

The news of New Jersey reporting that they have pulled their offer for Melo off the table could not have come at a worst time for us.

We are playing as bad at this point in the season as we have all year, we are the fewest game above .500 as we have been since early December and the idea of "winnable games" is starting not to apply to our team

So the last thing we need is key players like Gallo,Wilson and Feilds worried about their future with the team.

Remember Gallo's early season slump was reportedly due to him being leary of being traded to Denver, the season began to move forward, Melo was in Denver and only NJ was thought to have a chance at Melo and low and behold Gallo's play got better as did the team.

Now, the chitter chatter is Melo being shipped to NY by the trade deadline, and we simply cant go through 5 weeks of our team playing shaky ball, we will no doubt fall under .500 if that happens.

So Donnie needs to make a offer to Denver in the next couple days, give Denver a couple days over the weekend to tweak it (within reason of course), but set a time table that talks will extend no longer than next Tuesday, remember next Thursday The Heat come to town and we would want either a focused or a team that has all players who have been traded to have passed their physicals by then. And we also have a critical game agains The Hawks who we want to start trying to make up ground on in the standings next week as well.

Here's what managament needs to do;Work 24/7 until Friday night (mostly assessing who will give the best pick for Anthony Randolph), propose this deal to Denver early Sat. give them the whole weekend and Monday but expect an answer Tuesday morning with every intention on walking away from the deal publically like NJ just did.

Call Melo's agent and tell him we'll holla at them this off season if Denver is unwilling to make a reasonable deal with us by then!

Then commence to finishing out the season.