Wilson Chandler dumps agent; contrary to report, Knicks haven't dealt Anthony Randolph

SAN ANTONIO - Wilson Chandler is in the market for a new agent.

The News has learned that Chandler has left Chris Luchey and is in the process of looking for new representation. Chandler confirmed that he plans to hire an agent in another two weeks.

It's an interesting development because Chandler is a restricted free agent this summer and team president Donnie Walsh has said he wants to sign Chandler to an extension.

However, the Knicks passed on an opportunity to extend Chandler's contract last October, citing the uncertainty regarding the new collective bargaining agreement.

Chandler, according to sources, is considering Dan Fegan, Arn Tellem, Leon Rose, Andy Miller and Happy Walters, who represents Amar'e Stoudemire.

Chandler was the 23rd overall pick of the 2007 Draft and is enjoying his best year in the NBA. His name has also surfaced in several trade scenarios involving Carmelo Anthony.

Because Chandler is a restricted free agent, the Knicks have the option of matching any offer Chandler receives from another team. As recently as two weeks ago, Luchey said he was hopeful Chandler would get a contract extension comparable to the deals Indiana's Danny Granger and Chicago's Luol Deng signed which is in the $65 to $75 million range.

"We've decided to part ways," said Luchey, who called the split amicable. "I've known Wilson since he was a teenager and we'll continue to have a good relationship."


There was an erroneous internet report today that Anthony Randolph had been traded to Indiana for a first round pick. There is a possibility that Randolph could land with Indiana, Minnesota or Houston but no deal has been made.

In fact, Randolph was at today's practice in San Antonio.

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