'Sup fellas? I am currently working at an institution of higher education, where I have worked, along with many other projects, on encouraging students to discuss their spirituality with one another.

My goal has been to help students gain an appreciation, or at least respect, for one another's beliefs. At the same time, I am also interested in seeing whether students drop religious values that call for hating others, e.g., LGBT kids, Catholics, agnostics, atheists, etc., many of whom are their peers.

As part of this work, I have also involved atheist and agnostic students in identifying and sharing their spirituality, which (much to their own surprise) has proven to be just as strong as their peers'.

In any case, since I found this to be such a successful project in my work, I wanted to see if we, at KOL, could get into this.

Questions for you ALL===> 1. What do you consider to be the most powerful thing/force/being in the universe (or whatever unit of existence)? 2. How do you relate to it? 3. How do others, in your opinion, misunderstand it?

EDIT: Feel free to create your own questions or to answer these in whatever way you see fit.