We have to admit our biggest mistake was being convinced about D'Antoni.

1. Our drafting would have been different leading to a more optimal mix f players by now

2. Our player development would be much better by now

3. We would have been a perennial playoff team by now, at least on par with Portland

I guess it just wasn't in the cards. We've had two top ten draft pick opportunities and an owner & GM willing to spend and back up our coach. Although all is not lost. We still acquired some talent, and can right the ship.

But whatever we do to correct this mistake, it must be quick.

I hear coaches defending Mike such as JVG. I can only conclude that either this is the politically correct thing to do or JVG doesn't really watch us night in and out. I know he knows better than that.

The same day he defended Mike, our team shot over 40 threes.

Now whether MOA is directly telling players to do this, or this is how his instructions are translated really matters not. The body of work and different rosters have interpreted MOA's philosophy to do the same thing