So we seen plenty of ups and downs from the knicks this season,now its time to grade their progress so far on this great nba season:

Offense B:The reason the offense gets this seemingly low grade is because all though the knicks can often light up opponents,they never seem to get crucial baskets that stops runs or in crunch time.And also their offense can be very dull for about 5-9 possessions before a spark gets them on a hot streak,making their offense very streaky.

Defense D-:The achillies heel of the new york knicks,their defense is awful.Rather it be defensive rebounding,easy drives to the basket or blowing assignments.I am not just focusing on FG% and points allowed but mainly what i see.In a typical knicks game you will see teams get open jumpers and pg's that get to the rim with ease.The knicks have no defensive discipline and are not being enforced of defensive technique,to many open lanes,backdoor cuts,lead passes and etc,bottom line if you were betting the knicks holding an opponent to under 105 ppg then you would lose 8/10 times.

Coaching D:Alot will fine this dissapointing and some fitting,but i think that Mike Dantoni just cannot make our team succeed into glory.For example mozgov and randolph,2 players hihly toted as great prospects that will someday be a key to the knicks success.Wrong,Dantoni is bad at developing young talent thats game isnt offensively present.Randolph was suppose to be big for us this year,but hasnt been worth a grain of salt.Why? few early problems adjusting to NY/system/teammates/media,makes randolph have a one way ticket into mikes dog house.This isnt right,randolph never got to prove what he can do on the court,every young player gives you problems and mike dantoni never wants to deal with em.So when that happens he will bench you plain and simple.Also rotations are very badly managed.If san antonio has duncan and blair on the court,he will run williams at center and chandler at pf? yea its really like this and i get angry even talking about it.

Bench C+:Our bench can score us 40 points or give us 10 but when they give us 40 the knicks are unbeatable on the offensive end and can rack up 110+ ppg easily but also we have an erratic bench that can go so cold that we cant even use no other players besides our starters.

RAYMOND FELTON C+:Alot of people will rip me for the grade but honestly to me raymond feltons numbers are extremely misleading,he gets blown by constantly,very inconsistent shooter,takes bad forced shots,dumb turnovers,blows layups and cant really run our offense as well as other pg's.

LANDRY FIELDS A+:No way this guy gets anything lower than this,he works his tail off on both ends of the floor and makes the extra hustle plays to keep a posession alive and the key offensive rebounds.Plays with heart and never plays out of control,always at the right place.The knicks have a championship piece in this kid.

DANILO GALLINARI C:This year theres no excuses,danilo should have been a potential allstar this year but is beginning to plateau on a basic starters level.I dont know if its coaching or not but this guys game is very 1D.Spot up and shoot or pump fake and go hard to the basket.No post moves,no creating off the dribble and no pick and roll.Very disappointed to say the least.

WILSON CHANDLER B+:Wilsons game has been very surprising to me this season.No more spotting up and pull up jumpshots and no more soft play.He is on the cusp of stardom in this league and is one midrange shot away from being a 20ppg scorer nightly,Wilson is more aggressive and looks to create his own offense rather than to spot up.If he gets down the art of the midrange pullup,then he will be a legit allstar contender for years to come.

AMARE STOUDEMIRE B:The shocker,the 2nd leading scorer in the nba top 5 in blocked shots and 9 rpg eww im crazy.The truth is amare is a very underachieving player.he should avarage close to 13rpg and be more of an enforcing shot blocker instead of a weak helpside blocker.Amare gets me pissed because he relies on his athleticism so much.He thinks he can just put 2 hands up and a rebound will fall in his lap.Amare is a terrible defender,ive tried to say its because he plays against big centers and this and that but the truth is amare has slow feet and his defensive IQ is tremendously low.He has no post moves and is beginning to settle for to many jumpers.He has the athleticism on par with dwight howard but doesnt use it onless he has the ball in his hands.amare needs to get closer to the basket and draw fouls and finish around the rim like he used to.DANTONI has our damn big man running off of screens when i know this isnt how amare should be playing.Amare when he was dropping 30 a game only shot when the defense sagged off,but now if they give him a little room,he will jack up the shot.thats why his field goal % is almost below 50%.

Knicks have a long way to go but this is just a simple recap of the first 41