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Here's a game that was all ours....More bad coaching as well as shot selection cost this game. Oh yeah, and why did Gallo guard Durant for the winning shot. The guys a Beast
It's all coaching. Felton missed 5 shots the last 3 minutes. He missed 3 alone in the last 40 seconds. MD cannot adjust. His system is based on putting the ball in the PG's hands and hope he hits a shot or makes a play. Felton has been shooting under 30 percent since the POR game.

You would think MD would design one play to get Gallo, Walker, Williams, Douglas, STAT an open look. He had 2 timeouts to do it. One was an extended timeout. he doesn't have the smarts to draw up a play on the fly (taking into account the opponent and flow of the game). He is all theory.

So, his only option was to give the ball to Felton and hope for the best.

This is why I get confused when people say MD is an offensive genius. Any coach worth anything can design a play to get somebody and open look, especially if given 2 tries.