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it's just that you believe D'antoni can win in the NBA, and it drives some of us nuts. MD may know how to win in Europe but he'll never win in the NBA.

Tonight he couldn't even win with offense. We lost b/c coach sat there and watched Felton implode, b/c that's the only offense MD is capable of.

You think Larry Brown lets that happen?

Not a knock on you, I'm just tired of MD. We all agreed he got a pass the last 2 years b/c the position Walsh put him in. but he will be judged on this season... and right now... despite having an MVP candidate... The Knicks are 22-21, and will most likely be under .500 after we play DAL (2-04).

He'll never win in the NBA..??

I guess your crystal ball told you that too. Anything can happen brah. That's why we watch sports.

Coach needs pieces.. We all kno this. That said, I share your expectations for the team this year.

Part of Mike D's philospophy as a coach is not to call a timeout in that situation, so i'm not surprised at all that he didn't. Felton understands what coach wants at the end of games. Coach trusts Felton to take the shot at the end of games. Felt thought he could make it. He failed.

I think w this team you have to think about tweaking things slightly. Felton ain't Nash. Maybe it's smarter to manage Felt more by calling a TO and directing the offense. Coach is stuck in his ways though and it caught up w him tnite.

Look, 9 times out of 10 Coach will trust a PG like Felton, a real PG, to make a decision at the end of the game. That's the reality.

So a lot of the responsibility has to go on Felton shoulders. He has to know he's not going well and trust either Gallo or Amare to take that shot. He was a dumbass tnite.