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And what makes you say that, Ron diggity? I've never seen any footage of him bar highlight reels which are deceptively deceptive. I've read that he's good. Enlighten me!

Is he that much better than Lord Landry that he'd take the starting 2?
Hypothetically.... If we had the same Azu before the injury..... the Knicks
would have a helluva 4-guard-backcourt rotation in the EC, I wouldnt want headcoach
Dantoni anywhere around these 4-guards Felton/Douglas/Azu/Fields.
Raymond Feltons playmaking skills would improve 95% receiving 26 to 30 minutes
per game. Landry Fields off the bench would have us dominating the 2nd qtr.
and 3rd qtr. of practically every game.
What made Azu so spectacular in GS was his movement without the ball, his
energy/speed/and IQ was consistent when receiving just 24 to 30 mpg.

The procedure and healing process after Azu's surgery has proved Azu will
not be 85% healthy to do the samethings he did in GS untill the 2011-12 season.
Azu is working hard on his rehabilitation for the Knicks to resign him