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Chandler is a good player, and I want to keep him in NY. Donnie walsh has said he wants to sign him long term. I think he is a great role player and would thrive in a system with STAT, Felton and Melo.

If there is a way to keep him Donnie will find it. I know it's a business, but Chandler is a gem that has been flying under the radar. If he was more consistent there would be many more calling for him to stay. If he put up 25 points and 8 rebounds + a blk each game we'd half to keep him. We know he's capable of it, but he has to continue to show that level of DESIRE for the rest of his floor time.

His consistency does not seem to have anything to do with his athletic ability.
It has to do with his effort.
There is no way he deserves the 10 million he will ask for.
If he played his heart out 100% of the time maybe.

** This is his contract year. I think what you get Chandler today is what you will get over the next 4 years. No better and no worse.***