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    Default Felton's Game (v Miami/Washington)

    I'll be the first to admit that I have been very skeptical of Felton's contribution to the team. However over the last couple of games he has demonstrated very decent play making abilities. Not so much in his shot selection which remains rushed (and often results in lost possession), but in his ability to defend, set a decent tempo, and pass the ball around. He has minimised his turnovers and has shown composure in making tricky -yet key- passes. So let me be the first to create a thread congratulating you on your performance, and hope that you keep it going.

    Well done the Knicks!

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    his shooting has definitely cooled off but he still remains a good floor general. hes an excellent passer and defender and knows when to call the right plays, the P & R isn't too awful anymore

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    When Felton is dishing AND swishing, it energizes the rest of the team and the knicks put up like 120pts. they just wear down their opponents when their offense starts to explode.

    i wish Ray would take his time passing sometimes though. he seems to create turnovers with his telegraphic passes. i also saw some P&R situations last night that they could have used.

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    He's probably suffering from playing a LOT of minutes.

    Find a solid backup PG and make it so that he's not going 38 minutes a night and his numbers will improve.

    Oftentimes when players are tired and in slumps they might try to overcompensate with jumpers and it rarely works

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