OK. it's practically Feb. so why not start a thread where we can post all the trade rumors/scenarios that arise from now until the TD passes.

These can be rumors we hear or, or read about, or these can be scenarios we imagine or envision.

Obviously, this will be a Melo-centric thread. So, let's post all Carmelo-related intel here as well. This way we wont have to post the same thing in different thread, or keep regurgitating the same logic/reasoning over-&-over again for each individual-particular piece/tidbit of news.

I'll start it off... Saw this on theknicksblog.com, via ESPN:

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"The Kings, sources say, are open to moving big man [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] during the next 27 days before the deadline, but they remain unwilling to take back anything other than expiring contracts to preserve maximum flexibility on the other side of a new collective bargaining agreement ... unless someone wants to donate a star. With Dalembert possessing an expiring contract valued at $13.4 million, it's not easy to find a match that keeps the Kings in the same cap position as they are now. As previously stated in this cyberspace, Sacramento's willingness to part with coveted swingman [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is contingent largely on the other team's willingness to take back one of the Kings' two longer-term contracts ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ] or [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) as part of the exchange.

Although the volume on the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] trade talks has been dialed way down since New Jersey's Mikhail Prokhorov announced last week that the Nets were pulling out of the Melo Sweepstakes, I continue to hear that (A) Denver does not want to wait until the week of the Feb. 24 deadline to make a deal to avoid having to scramble at the last minute if nothing can be worked out with Melo's first-choice team in New York, and (B) Nuggets officials don't see Anthony's repeated statements of concern about failing to sign an extension before this summer's anticipated lockout as a sign of hope that they can still convince him to stay. Sources say that the Nuggets know that an about-face from Melo on signing the extension, after months of balking since it was presented last June before the 2010 NBA draft, would be purely about money and likely stick them with an unhappy franchise player who still wanted out. As much as the Nuggets would love to believe that Melo might look at his remaining options in these final three-plus weeks before the deadline and suddenly declare that Denver actually is the best place for him to be, they certainly don't expect that to happen after months of Melo refusing to see it that way."

I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G how they combine the SAC rumor with the 'Melo update. Makes you wonder if a possibly 3-way deal might be in the works.

You can get creative and find ways (I did a few successful deals on ESPN trade machine)... where the Knicks get Carmelo Anthony, Beno Udrih and a center (Jason Thompson or Samuel Dalembert).

SAC gets Wilson Chandler. They get cap relief (dump Beno's salary).

DEN gets draft picks. They get Casspi, Walker, Randolph, Dalembert or Thompson and draft picks.

Knicks would keep Fields-Gallo-Williams and maybe even Douglas. Some scenarios have us keeping Turiaf or Mozgov.


Udrih, Gallo, Williams, Douglas & Turiaf or Mozgov

I think this is a championship caliber squad.
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