Shaq did it, McGrady did it, so why wouldn't Vince? a deal invloving tthomas would be more than great, though i doubt that'll happen. but, if this miracle does happen, then who knows, lenny wilkens might also be replaced

The mere thought of Vince Carter wearing a Knicks uniform once seemed as far-fetched as Shaquille O'Neal ending up in Miami.
But in today's NBA, where the league's most dominant player can be traded without the Miami Heat having to give up its best player, anything is possible, including Carter ending up in New York.

Despite the declaration Wednesday from Toronto general manager Rob Bab**** that Carter will return next season, a person close to the Raptors' All-Star swingman insists that Carter is trying to force a trade to New York.

Carter has refused to comment on his future for the past few weeks, but that could change tomorrow night following Carter's annual charity all-star game in Toronto. According to the source, Carter is expected to announce publicly that he wants to be traded.

The real challenge would be coming up with an attractive package for Carter, the leading vote-getter among All-Stars last season. Toronto would consider Stephon Marbury, but Thomas, the original head of basketball operations for the expansion Raptors, wants to hold on to his point guard. Thomas is also reluctant to trade Tim Thomas.

Carter is still regarded as an elite player, but the Knicks have to hope that he still has as much clout as O'Neal and McGrady to force Toronto's hand.

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