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    at the end of the article he also commented that it would be interesting to play in NY,(this is always a good thing) altho he has had past clashes with with lenny wilkens

    i also just wanna add, that if the knicks do get carter for like tim thomas and some other scrubs (which prolly wont happen) wow WOW, this team would have so many great offensive options, and be a stellar force in the east, and would easily dominate their division

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    Just another athlete using New York as a place to 1) force a trade away from the small market location where he had re-upped just a few years prior and 2) get the most media ink.

    Lenny and he hated each other, and Carter's game isn't worth the money he gets--plus, Allan Houston already has the lock on the job of being the Knick whose game is not worth the money that he gets.

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