It is obvious to me that Felton should look to pass way more than shoot, I don't want to throw Felton under the bus because he has been great and a true leader/co-captain but now that he is in this slump I think he should limit himself to about 10 shots unless he has got it going. He put up some gaudy shots today and a lot of momentum killers, especially a three with us up three with 16 left on the shot clock in the 2nd Q when he had a hot and WIDE OPEN Gallo.I just want him too reel back a bit because it's starting to really hurt us and he has having some real bad hit or miss games.

Mozgov also looked like he had a little tentativeness at first and then when he got an alley oop he wanted to score on every possession( leading to him shooting 20fters and creating off the dribble) .He needs to focus and rewatch that Piston game to see how he hustle and scored on broken plays.
I still think he can play great if he continues to work with the Coaches and gets some minimal minutes.

Gallo brought his A game tonight got to the line give us energy and picked up the scoring when we were down. I think he needs to be incorporate in this offense as a playmaker when Felton also because he just passed the ball so effectively and TD is just not ready to man the point.

Fields did not have his best tonight as he missed on some threes( in and outs) and some jumpers, but he looked like he had energy tonight just tough luck on some of his shots.

Amare, He has been our Allstar MVP but something has got to give with his rebounding. Seriously he has the athleticism why is he such a poor rebounder?
He had 1 rebound by the half and finished the game with only 5 I think we need a legit double double run from STAT night in night out.

Rest of the team was okay Walker showed great hustle tonight and Williams was active tonight but bad calls killed him early. Turiaf we didn't see much of because the Mavs went small. TD played okay finished with 22 but Stat stuffed about 7pts in garbage time. Ar hit a three and Rautins got a little burn.