Bringing to you,'s gurus of the dirty sanchez, a double header threader of not 1, BUT 2 games in which victory is of the utmost importance.

Crazy8s GT Soundtrack For Your Jizzening Pleasure.

Press play NOW for that über 80s blast of heroism.

This game is not only about vengeance, this game is paramount to maintaining what has become a dwindling grasp on the 6th seed, against the rising 76ers.




Young, bold and debonaire.

What The **** Is A 76er?

- Some say he that if he sings 'god save the queen', Her Majesty has ghost pains in Her Majesty's vagina.

Captain Ray
- Some say that when he ejaculates, it makes the sound of Voltron assembling. Cat Voltron not Car Voltron.

The Thrill - Some say that his tweets are ****ing MENTAL!

The Neophyte
- Some say that he can catch bullets - IN HIS GOZZLE!

The Beard Of Zeus - Some say he has never been to Disneyland. Tragic.

- Some say that if a Jehovah's witness knocks on his door, he laughs at them because they are virgin cultists.

The Regenerate One - Some say that he cut the cocaine that killed Mr Perfect.
Sky Walker
- Some say that he can bring a yak to orgasm through thought.

The Chook - Some say that he doesn't deserve the hate on
KGB25 - Some say that he ate a baby, and I believe them.

Knick In The Spotlight - The Gov

Тимофей Павлович Мозгов

Vladimir Putin Interviews Timofey Mozgov - Translated By Yours Truly.

VP: So, Timofey, or should I call you KGB 25, how iz yure infiltration of ze bastard yankee swine coming along?

TM: Very farking well, sir. I have just planted a nuclear device in Zarah Palin's znatch as ordered.

VP: Exzellent! Mwa ha haaaaaa. Farking creationists (spits) Were you seen?

TM: No sir. I was dizguized as an albino moose. Nit surprisingly, she felt nothing.

VP: And do you have ze Knick cheerleaders viz ze boobiez chloroformed and in ze potato zkin outfit for me, Timofey?

TM: Yes sir. Have you taken your viagra?

VP: Not yet.

TM: I zuggest you do, sir. They take half an hour to kick in, and I usually find that the girls manage to wriggle free by zen.

VP: Very well. Would you like some wodka and an orphan pie?

TM: Not now sir, thank you. I have to torture some lion cubs.

Riveting stuff.

I know that's 2 games in a row for The Gov, but how can you not love the guy!?