I was screaming for Antoni to take a time out with 10 seconds left.
what kind of coach lets the game end without a set play or two? typical!

I noticed the Gov was open on a few pick and rolls and TD/RF did not see him.

Chandler... invisible.

If not for Felton's amazing 3rd Q, we would not have been close.
this is how the Antoni game plan operates, hit or miss, win or lose.

I've been silent about the Gov, but 3 games into his resurgence, I think it's safe to say,
the Knicks are better with him. I'd been saying he needs minutes on the court,
but many KO posters are saying he is garbage and contributed to Knicks losing. WRONG.
It is the short rotation that has been the undoing of this team, STAT and Felton are tired more than not,
and they are no longer consistent. this has been a fear all along using 8-man rotate.

Amazingly, Antoni used 10 men tonite, although Bill Walker only got a few minutes to miss 2 threes.

It took injuries to get Mosgov off the bench, and now he's back in the rotation where he belongs,
and is contributing. Last night his +/- was +8 compared to +/- of -8 for Turiaf, basically same amount of minutes.

This is not the first time a player has gotten off the bench, out of the D'oghouse, due to injuries,
and then surprises the coach with his positive contributions, leading him back into rotation at detriment of others.

This is why Antoni sucks and is an epic failure as a coach. He does not recognize how to best
utilize his players, until they smack him in the face with their obvious abilities.
instead he expect x-amount players to conform to his system, and stay healthy all season without tiring. fail.

Expand the rotation, utilize Randolph and Mosgov where the situation dictates,
and stop this small-man, short rotation lameness.