wish we would have trade lee for monta straight up..

might as well have him than turiaf, randolph and azzy, its only a 3 mil difference in cap space if Turiaf picks up his option

we dont play defense anyway

if we had monta.. he would clearly be the second best player on the team...

felton 7.5
monta 11
stat 18.2
tmoz 2.7
fields/td/rautins 2.5mil
Gallo 4 mil

Thats 46 mil

about 13 mil in cap.. if we got rid of gallo we could of signed melo in the off season or trade monta and other to denver for him...im sure Denver would of wanted monta with the way things are going now..

and im sure GS is glad we never accepted that trade offer

2011 would have been

tmoz/ or who else

with fields, td, etc off the bench

that would of put us in a better position than we are now