Lakers Shoot Down Bynum For Anthony Trade Report
Feb 08, 2011 13:20 PM EST

A report from ESPN on Tuesday indicated that the Lakers and Nuggets were holding preliminary discussions about a trade involving Carmelo Anthony and Andrew Bynum.

"What's out there is inaccurate," said a Lakers representative familiar with the negotiations.

Denver is also in discussions with the Knicks, the team Anthony is reportedly set on playing for by the 11-12 season.

Via Los Angeles Times
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Told ya guys so relax.

I really believe if the Knicks came out right now and said "OK we'll throw in Fields"... Ujiri would say "not enough" ... if Knicks said "we will give you Gallo" Ujiri would say "I have some other options to consider"

If Knicks said we are writing you into the Dolan will... Ujiri will say... I've got to consider if it is enough...

He used the same tactics with Nyets. Until Kroenke sr. tells him to make the deal, Ujiri is just a weak front man.....

Dolan's call to Kroenke was a good thing.... all along Kronke has made it clear he wants to save $$$

If they want us to take on salary... then Dolan wants to know for sure so the negotiations can get down to dollars and cents and not players.

All the rest is a smokescreen.