Only thing that bugs me is that Amare is calling the team out, when he should be calling himself out. He's been turning the ball over and playing paper defense, while settling for either difficult shots, or jump shots.

Gallo might not have shot well, but he had more free throws than the rest of the team COMBINED. Amare only shot 4. Thats travesty and shows that the team as a whole just needs to be more aggressive.

The Clips shot the outside ball well and that opened up things inside for em and the Knicks just couldn't catch up. They've beaten great teams before, its no reason to hit the panic button. It feels like every time our team goes on a loss, the entire forums light up cause people are so eager to point out the deficiencies. It feels like most of you watch these games to root against Dantoni and just bring in star players to "save" the team. It's sad.