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MINNEAPOLIS On the same day Carmelo Anthony said he'd consider signing a contract extension with the Denver Nuggets if they don't trade him, Timberwolves basketball boss David Kahn called his team's reported part in a three-way deal with Denver and New York involving Anthony "overstated."
Translated, that means an ESPN report last weekend that the Wolves would send a first-round pick and Corey Brewer to Denver to receive Knicks little-used forward Anthony Randolph and accept Eddy Curry's huge, expiring contract is too much to give.

"We were asked if there would be a way to participate in the event the other two teams could reach a deal and there likely could be," he said.

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[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] also said he doesn't have any idea whether the Knicks and Nuggets can strike a deal for the All-Star forward, who on Monday told the Denver Post that he'd now "take a real hard look" at signing a three-year, $65 million extension to stay in Denver if he isn't dealt by the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

The Wolves have had interest in Randolph - the 14th pick in the 2008 draft who barely has gotten off the Knicks' bench this season - since early summer. Long-armed, 6-11 and not yet 22, he fits what Kahn considers a need for a talented, athletic forward/center.
The Wolves have cleared large salary-cap space hoping to use the leverage to add talent from salary-cap stressed teams. They did so in acquiring Michael Beasley from Miami last summer for two second-round picks.
If they accepted Curry and his expiring $11.3 million salary, they'd likely receive the maximum $3 million allowed from the Knicks that they'd use to immediately buy out Curry's contract without him ever arriving in Minnesota.
Brewer not on block
Kahn said it's "likely" the Wolves will make a deal by the NBA's Feb. 24 trading deadline, but said it'd be a "tactical" and "surgical" move.
"I don't expect it to be big," he said.
He also said he isn't looking to trade Brewer, who will become a restricted free agent this summer after the team did not offer him a contract extension last fall. He also said he hasn't determined that Brewer isn't a part of the team's future. He could still be re-signed next summer once a new labor agreement is reached.
"Because Corey is in the last year of his deal and because many people like Corey's ability and upside, we receive a lot of calls on him," Kahn said. "We also have a team that's very deep at his position. It's important we listen and weigh what's the appropriate decision for the ballclub.
"Players are not like cars in a garage. You can't keep accumulating cars, you can only have so many of them. There's a balance act there and at the wing position; we're probably too heavy there. "