I checked the schedule and maybe someone signed up for tonight's game. If not, feel free to post here. Need a thread for sure because this is a primetime, nationally televised game vs the Lakeshow.

I camped out and watched the double-header last night that involved both the Lakers and Melo's Nuggets and this is what I observed:

If you don't play 48 minutes, you aint beating the Lakers. The Celts at home were up double-digits most of the first half until the Lakers reeled them in and applied the knock-out punch with under two minutes left. Kobe had 3 points at half-time, but ended up with 23, mostly in the 4th quarter. So if you don't finish quarters and halves as the Knicks are known NOT to do, it will be a long night.

Melo is awesome. No more of the that "overrated" stuff. He put on a show last night against Dallas dropping 42 points from all over the court. I don't care who the Nuggets want in return, its worth it for Melo. No one is untouchable. No one. That includes Gallo "****lovers" because even though Gallo has been playing better of late (still can't shoot his way out of a paper bag), it hasn't translated into Knicks wins with bad losses to Philly and the Clippers in the past seven days.

Enjoy the national broadcast tonight, hope we don't get chased off the court.