If everything stays the same, there will not be enough cap space to sign CP3, if we get Melo. Remember, Lebron and Bosh took $14.5 mil and Wade took $14 mil to play together. Amare is getting $20 mil and with Melo's extension, Melo will get $21 mil. Our guys are too greedy to allow a 3rd max contract. It is finacially impossible for us to sign CP3 and Melo. Unless CP3 is willing to take $8 mil (he would laugh at that) or the cap increases to $66-70 mil (all indicatons are it will shrink).

And if we can't expect Melo to wait out a season for free agency, how can we expect CP3 to wait out two seasons?

CP3 will be traded. And if we give away all our assets to get Melo, we will have nothing to trade to get CP3 and no cap space to sign him. Having Gallo + Fields + Randolph + draft picks + Turiaf's expiring contract to offer for CP3 THIS SUMMER, is our best route to get CP3. Then we can compete for a championship next year.

So actually, if you want CP3 here, it is better for us to sign Melo this summer, not trade for him.