I know some of you are going to lose your **** over this but hear me out.

If we give up Fields, Gallo, Chandler and Randolph for Melo, unless we get something else back, this team will be worse off than before. If we do that we are looking at either Williams or Douglas starting and playing a ton of minutes.

The goal is not to get two superstars, ultimately. The goal is to win the title.

Does anyone really think that Felton-Douglas-Melo-STAT-Mozgov (or Felton-Melo-Williams-STAT-Mozgov) with Turiaf, Williams (Douglas) and Roger Mason Jr. playing significant minutes competes for a title? I know we might be able to get people in free agency, but signing Melo to the max gives us no room or flexibility for the future, we have no 1st rounder in 2012 and no real ability to add anybody above the mid-level exception.

We need DEPTH. The Pistons showed how to beat a team with a front-line of stacked superstars in that finals v. the Payton-Bryant-Malone-Shaq Lakers. They had a ton of different centers rotate in on Shaq, they were just the much fresher team overall and that team won the title with DEPTH. Felton-Melo-STAT is NOT Wade-LeBron-Bosh, that Miami team will still run us out of the building.

Melo's defense also wouldn't really help us, he isn't that good defensively.

I think we as fans clamor for stars, but the fact is getting two superstars just to have them isn't really all that great if the team can't compete. We wouldn't really be able to get D12 or CP3 in free agency because our flexibility would be killed, and we wouldn't trade for them because we would have just moved all expendable assets outside of Felton for Carmelo.

Moving Fields-Gallo-Chandler-Randolph for Melo only might seem like a proper deal, but it really kills this teams depth and really hamstrings us for the future. IF in that deal we can get back someone like Ty Lawson (provides us with the backup, fast-paced PG we need) and Chris The Birdman Andersen (who will help solve our rebounding issues) then I might be able to be sold on the deal. But those four for Carmelo is going to hurt, and we won't be any closer to really competing for a title. I don't even think that lineup is good enough to crack the top 4 in the east (i.e. better than Chicago or Orlando).

Our biggest asset right now is our depth. Gallo looks like he is becoming a very high-end 3rd option on a good team, and Fields does what we need him to on the boards, we get enough scoring elsewhere. Add Melo to play alongside those two, we have a true competitor. But blowing everything up for Melo, I guarantee, will not result in this team winning a title.