Instead of arguing about D'Antoni's past accomplishments, why can't he be judged on what he's doing with the NEW YORK KNICKS? Larry Brown had a better resume when he first came to NY, but despite his accomplishments, we all knew as fans that he had to go because of the complete mismanagement of the product on the floor. D'Antoni, on the other hand, is on his 3rd year, and I'm sorry, but he doesn't get a bye from me for the 1st two years, not when the 1st two years are showing the same tendencies as year 3.

In 2 and a half years, D'Antoni:

- has yet to get our Knicks to play above-average league defense (ranked 15th or higher)
- has kept such a short rotation each season that our starters have continually burned out by mid-season
- has no accountability for his main stars (Amar'e/Felton, Lee/Duhon), while he unleashes his wrath on rookies/role players
- has implemented a system where the team chucks up 25+ 3's every game, despite the fact that the only player who's shooting above 40% from 3 is Shawne Williams, a bench role player.
- has an unnatural love for small ball, even when the opposing team is trotting out Dwight Howard/Bass or Odom/Bynum in the frontcourt, he'll put out a lineup with Chandler/Williams at PF/C cause "he wants more speed" on the court.
- has a coaching staff of "yes men" -- his brother, Herb Williams, Phil Weber; and would balk at any suggestion of hiring a defensive coordinator or advance scout like Frank Lawrence.

For those who still support D'Antoni for whatever you honestly believe he can lead our team to a championship? And don't give me crap about how close he was in Phoenix. I don't care about what he did in Phoenix. I'm asking if you can see the NEW YORK KNICKS winning a championship playing this style, under this coach?