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Maybe we should launch a trust and give $1000 each and buy the franchise from James Dolan!?

This guy is holding us back more than anything else.

Of course D'Antoni has to go, but Dolan will never employ the 'right' coach in NY to win a championship.

If we fail to make the Playoffs this year D'Antoni might get fired, but guess what Isiah will be the replacement or Herb Williams.

In case Isiah was ever going to return, I would just stop following the Knicks, until him and Dolan are both gone.

At least D'Antoni has us in the playoff hunt. The odds that if D'Antoni goes Isiah is brought back b/c of our owner is greater than 0, which is too high. I seriously fear the fallout if D'Antoni is fired...I honestly believe that Dolan might fire D'Antoni let Walsh go and bring in Isiah round 2, and soon enough we will have traded Stoudemire for Bynum and Odom, and Bynum would have gotten a 7 year 100 million extension.

The owner, to me, is the ultimate problem. Some say "Fire D'Antoni, Bring in Coach X Who I think Would Be Better"...but Dolan isn't going to do the latter, if he fires D'Antoni, mark my words, nobody better will be brought in.