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    Originally Posted by Red
    The verdict is in.

    ARE you on drugs? 6th seed in the East means NOTHING!!!!!!!

    BEHIND Bos, Mia, Chi, and Orl...

    Mind as well say we made strides by having an allstar get voted on. In the grand scheme means nothing. Dont get it twisted.

    2nd in ppg, 29th in opg. You think that's a coincidence? Really? One has nothing to do with the other? You, of all peple who can supposedly analyze objectively, haven't figured that out. Wow.

    How much evidence do you need... on top of the fact it hasn't won given plenty of ample opportunity?

    Wow, you know what, out of all the arguing and insults and whatever, you have yet to prove you can analyze objectively. You have yet to show you understand the limits and what needs changing.

    That's insane, according to Einstein. All the evidence suggests

    MDA is nothing more than an offensive coordinator. That's it. Again preaching and teaching are 2 different things. There is nothing with mda's defense to teach. Rotations.... seriously? Putting Jared Jeffries or Chandler on the opponents best player.... really?

    If Mda was 1/2 the defensive coach he is offensive then maybe he has a shot at a chip.

    And I am more than aware of MDA's (and the media, msg) increased usage of Defensive vernacular when being interviewed or on the sidelines. Its so obvious to me, he chooses spots to over emphasize defense to the viewing public, for his rep.

    But I'll look at it like this, I don't think eveyone has the ability to see if defense is taught or spoken. I do, and when I see it I'll let you know.

    Verdict is in and the 6th seed means nothing!? You are silly! So answer me we have a better roster than any of the teams ahead of us? Which one of those teams should we be ahead of if only we had a different coach?

    It means a lot and is not a moral victory like an all-star birth as you suggest. It factually gives us a playoff birth and a chance at a chip. We were the 8th seed and made the finals so anything is possible. Probable? No, but possible! Further you are ignoring that we have a big gaping 14+ million dollar hole in our roster!

    Further, you keep repeating this mantra of the difference between teaching and preaching defense pretending to have some insider information on what goes in practices that we all don't have. Now, you use the Kiyamanesque induction of D'ants inner motives and have concluded that his talk about defense is only for media consumption!

    Lets get a bit of prespective thats actually based on fact:

    It’s worth noting that Jeffries was a bit of an anomaly: the only Knicks starter who was on the court purely for his defense. Coach Mike D’Antoni loved Jeffries’ length and his versatility – he could guard all five positions and switch on every pick-and-roll.

    Jeffries, in fact, presents a strong counter-argument to those who contend that D’Antoni cares only about offense. Jeffries was easily the Knicks’ least skilled offensive player. Yet he started 37 of 52 games this season and was sixth in minutes per game (28.1). He led the Knicks in charges drawn.
    What did JJ have to say?

    I think that Mike’s a realist,’’ Jeffries said. “Defending, like anything else in the NBA, is a talent level. And you can’t have people that are not great defenders and expect them to be great defenders. Just like you can’t have people that aren’t great scorers and expect them to be great scorers. He put me out there to be a defender and he puts guys out there to be scorers. He does focus on defense, but if you don’t have defensive players, then you’re not going to be a great defensive team.’
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    Check to the mate! He is backing up everything I have always's the roster not the coach that will determine how good a team is on defense. You rather blame a system while ignore the roster that forced us to play small which in turn causes us to be out rebounded and give up more points as a result of the extra possessions.

    You keep pretending to read minds and cling to a preformed "verdict" in spite of new information all you want but it does not fool me.
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