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No I don't agree. I actually think it is on the players to control a large portion of what goes on on the floor. I actually think the players making an effort to like each other, and spend time with each other and learn each other's games. Wade-Bosh-James played together in USA Hoops and were best boys when they showed up in Miami. Boston had 3 players come together, a leader, and guys who had predefined roles that all meshed well and simply had the talent to mask early growing pains, and landed a solid PG steal in the draft.

And yes you did change the question...this is how it went down, literally:

You: We have better talent than Atlanta, we should be better than them.

Me: Atlanta has been together for three years.

You: Well how long did it take the Big Three to mesh?

Me: The Big Threes both have more talent.

You: That's no excuse (icons like a 2004 MySpace Page).
I said we have equal talent to Atlanta,Also Atlanta didn't have Jamal Crawford when they only won 37 games as soon as he came they boosted up to 50+ under Mike Woodson. 37-50+ in one season that's at least 13+ wins. So if we have a talent similar to theirs we should be on our way to at least 42 wins. Under Mike D we might not get that.