Well, that has to be credited to D'ant, no? Had Felton been putting up 13.8 points instead of 17.1 and 6.8 assists instead of 9+ with his lower career FG% do you really think that the Knicks would have a winning record? Obviously it's speculation but one can make an educated guess that the answer is no. Lower production from our PG directly correlates to a lower production for our team and more specifically Amare.
I don't see the point in bringing light to D'Antoni's credit with Felton. Everybody knows that's the case. I didn't say otherwise. You could well say the same about Puhon on a lessened scale.

Yes, I think 90% because again, it's the players who have to execute the offense and defense not the coach. Just as I blame the players (really it's the roster as constructed) I will credit the players 90% for the wins. You may say..wait! You just credited D'ants system for Feltons play so how are you being consistent? My counter to that is that D'ant unleashed Felton to allow Felton to do what his natural gifts and abilities dictate.
I don't agree that it's the roster as constructed. The offence is fine! It's the time honoured approach of defence at the cost of offence that needs attention.

This blame game, to me, was/is/remains about harmonising both ends of the floor. I don't believe that Mike has sufficiently structured our defence to bolster our offence. How many times have you seen regimented defender, Ronnie T, 'palms up' on the baseline after yet another poor defensive rotation? Who's in charge of that? It's not Ronnie. And why isn't it being addressed?

We've shown flashes of defensive brilliance this year, clearly there's capability, but where's the consistency?

I'll say it again - as individuals, our team are NOT bad defensive players - it's the won't to focus on offence that distracts from our defensive capabilities.

80-90% of the time we play man, right? No trace of a 3-2 match up zone when we're ahead (which has cost us), no triangle or 2 zone defence to deny the ball from opponent's best offensive players (which has cost us- see Paul Pierce) - nothing. We too often whimsically feign defence to initiate our offence, and when we don't have the ball in the waning seconds and have to rely on defence, we're in trouble.

Our team's defensive fundamentals are there, but, after 54 games, I believe that D'Antoni has neglected to optimise their capabilities by focusing on offence. Whether or not it's outside of the system specs, offence will always, IMO, need to be compromised for defence. It will shine through in the playoffs.

Sorry, I'll have to get back on the rest. Money calls! Peace.