It's usually not a good sign when a player quotes a Jim Carrey movie to describe his team's playoff chances, but Allan Houston's description was strangely appropriate.
"If it's a longshot, you've still got a chance," Houston said after the Knicks practiced yesterday. They host the Hawks tonight at the Garden in what could be the last meaningful game of the year. "What was it the woman said in 'Dumb and Dumber?' 'One in a million.' "

Houston laughed, recalling Carrey's loser-like character in the film and knowing his team's likelihood of success isn't much more promising than Carrey's was.

"It's crazy, but you never know," said Houston, who was held to eight points in the team's loss to the Clippers on Saturday. "You can't go into games saying it's over when, mathematically, it's not. I don't even like talking about it."