I think the parameters are set and they are obvious:

Anthony Randolph either goes to DEN (with a couple 2nd round picks) or gets dealt for a 1st round pick. If NYK send AR somewhere and picks up a 1st rounder... let's hope Knicks pick up an asset along with that (Luke Ridnour anyone).

Raymond Felton is heading to DEN, in a swap of PGs (as C-Billups comes East wtih 'Melo). This is a GREAT thing. More than we could have hoped for really! First of all, the Knicks have optins after this season. Instead of owing Felton 8 million next season, they now have the choice to go in another direction if they want. They can buy out Billups (4 million). Not pick up his team option. This gives them some money to spend. Maybe enough to lure/steal a DeAndre Jordan or Marc Gasol, or just enough to sign a C (Big Baby or something).

*Right here the Nuggets get a gritty-gutty 25 yr-old PG. Felton-Lawson should handle the PG spot for the next 5-8 years. SET. Move on and start rebuilding. They also get a 1st rounder (probably top-20 pick) or can gamble on the potential of a player like AR. Already, DENVER has faired better than both CLE & TOR. It may not be Favors and a bunch of picks... but it's something.

Where we go from here is flexible.

My gut tells me Danillo Gallinari is the third fixture in this agreed upon parameter between NY & DEN. I feel like DEN wants 1st rounder-or-AR, plus a swap of PGs (Felton-Billups), GALLO and X,Y,Z.

We all know X,Y,Z is 3 players from the Chandler, Fields, Mozgov, Walker mix. Obviously, there will be no Y&Z if Gallo is the third piece of the puzzle... But if Gallo is a dealbreaker for DEN, he'll be heading West and the question is what is "X" ?

I think WALSH will hold the line here. If he has to toss in Gallo, then WORST CASE SCENARIO he'll end of parting with either Chandler, Fields or Mozgov (only 1). If DEN relents, and is willing to pass on Gallo... then I could see Walsh sending Fields or Chandler, along with both Mozgov and Walker.

I see it this way:

1. AR and second rounders or the 1st rounder NY gets when they deal AR; Felton-Billups swap; plus one of the kids (Gallo, Chandler, Fields, Mozgov). This is the line Walsh has drawn. Of course, he'll bend at the last minute but not an hour earlier.

2. AR and second rounders or the 1st rounder NY gets when they deal AR; Felton-Billups swap; Gallo plus ONE more player (Chandler, Fields, Mozgov).

3. AR and second rounders or the 1st rounder NY gets when they deal AR; Felton-Billups swap; plus 3 of the Chandler, Fields, Mozgov, Walker.

I think it'll go to te wire and finally be settle on the #2 choice. I think DEN will get Gallo, Walker and 2 second round picks. NY will keep Chandler, Fields & Mozgov. I say this b/c I think Walsh will compel DEN to decide between Gallo or Fields/Mozgov. They can have their potential star in Gallo, or take 2 potential very good starting role players. The only question is... Will NY be forced to toss in Chandler or Walker when DEN decides what option they prefer?

We'll see soon enough!