The JV coach strikes again..

Shouldn't we let the season play out a bit more and then judge. I think it would give us all more of a basis to draw conclusions. It's still too early to make threads like this.

Based on what I've seen so far, I think its safe to say the season has been pretty successful. We're currently a sixth seed and we've developed our young talent to various degrees, which has shown on court. Fields, Mozgov, Williams, TD, Gallo, Chandler have all grown under Coach D and made valuable contributions.

I also think we're getting better defensively. It showed in the game against Atlanta. There was definitely a viable scheme. The players just have to commit consistently to executing it. It can take time for them to understand (especially young players) how much effort they need to give to win, while still remaining effective on offense, especially our type of O. I think its safe to say the short rotation definitely works against our players being able to give more effort on the defensive end. IMO this highlights the need for more solid acquisitions, as opposed to a coaching preference on the part of Mike D. Right now we simply don't have enough talent to lengthen the rotation w great effect. It will take time to put together a solid veteran team. We're obviously in a nascent stage of development team wise. Why hate so much on our coach when he doesn't have everything he will have, and needs, especially when he's shown he can develop and coach a young up and coming squad w all of the implicit ups and downs that will inevitably come? I think Mike D has earned our continued patience.

With a few smart acquisitions we can be a 50- 55 win team, even if we don't get Melo. Infact one can see quite easily why giving up too much to get Melo would work against being able to play D consistently; because we'd never be able to get enough good players to have the ideal 10 man rotation... A couple of solid pieces like a Granger maybe, or a D. Jordan, a Ridnour and we could do some thangs. This team is headed in the right direction. W enough talent, like any team, we can be elite. I also still believe our coach can win a championship playing this style. Again he just needs enough solid rotation playerz to sustain effort on the defensive end for stretches, game to game.

All of the above is very possible and likely IMO. Why waste time and hating when our coach doesn't have all of the pieces he needs yet? When were a contending,elite team I look forward to seeing whether or not your posts have a metamorphosis Red.