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D12 is interesting to me (this goes off on a tangent), he has been better this season after working with Hakeem but I think maybe D12 isn't what everyone wants/would like him to be (especially after the dunk contest).

He is a freakish athlete (as are most successful straight-from-high-school players), but the fact is he might just be an insanely athletic, taller version of Ben Wallace. He grabs boards, blocks shots, can get some easy buckets. There's nothing wrong with that...but I think it's entirely possible that the offensive game won't really come along (besides using his sheer size to dominate people) like we all wanted it to, as fans of the NBA.

I would love to have JVG back but from what I see, he looks pretty set on being an analyst for a while. I respect SVG as a coach, I hate him as a person though. Not that I know him personally, but his quotes in the media and (I know a pet-peeve-ish thing to say) his lack of wearing a tie to games just bother me.
I see his limitations as a product of the system (I know its similar).

I mean their system isn't designed to utilize a big off the low blocks. He does exactly what the system needs him to do, what our system needs someone to do, and he's one of the best at it.
Size, set screens
Intimidates, alters shots, blocks
Get put backs.

The dirty work. He's not really the focus of their system, but when he gets it going, he gets his regardless. What he lacks is grace and decision making. That usually comes with maturity.

Do you think our systems are similar? One thing I notice is our system really isn't desinged for any individual, but rather a team based system, where anyone can go off.

That to me can be good and bad. Because at times a player might be hot, or have a mismatch and it cantbe exploited. And two when (if) we get stars, they expect plays to be run for them. I really don't see that. I see the basic get Amare the ball at the elbow let him do soemthing, but not really the curls screens used for specific players. Its more of a ball movement team concept, wait for the open shot, and again if a certain player is on fire it seems the only way he can keep it up is running the same exact play. If we deviate then chances are another takes the shot.