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    Originally Posted by Clyde & The Pearl
    Ran from the other thread? I've run from nothing. There comes a point in any discussion where repeating and rehashing the same things are useless. Its either you dont understand or you dont want to understand. I'm not going to blow a corpuscle trying to explain it to you, over and over and over again.

    You've been asking me the same question for two weeks. So show some intelligence and figure it out for yourself. I'll give you some options.

    a) I feel I answered your question
    b) I dont have an answer
    c) You dont understand the point being made
    d) You're an idiot

    Choose one. Hell choose 2, 3 or all of the above just move on.

    I notice you still haven't presented any dispute on TODAY'S topic. Cat got your tongue?

    Why should I have to be the one to start the open discussion when you ran from your posts and assertions?

    Where was the point in the other discussion when you backed up the following assertion: "I stated only facts." in reference to your coach-player-confidence algorithm. Which post was that, where you explained how you arrived at said "facts"? How you arrived at said numbers? Under what "factual basis" beyond your own opinion and guessing did you come with to explain why you got 60%, and not 50%, or 40%, or 62.4%, or 53.1%?

    If you answer these questions, and prove you are willing to engage in debate and actually listen to the other side of the argument (which you proved you are not willing to do), I will engage you. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

    But in reference to at least a couple of your points, just to throw you a bone, seeing as your pathetic ass is too scared to admit in the other thread you were wrong, like a man would do:

    You say we have drawn five charges by stepping into the lane. Now, you don't present anything factual to show that (just your own guess at a number), but let's assume it is five. Last year, Jeffries was drawing those types of fouls out the ass. Does that not prove, then, that the players, not necessarily the coach, have more to do with what type of defense is being played?

    You also state you do not "see" a defensive philosophy. I am unaware of how you can "see" an idea, but let me tell you what I see. I see D'Antoni encouraging his guys to get back on defense and ball stop, I see a team that is getting a lot of blocks and attempting to hammer guys inside, especially when Turiaf is on the floor. But again, you refuse to watch videos or learn about the team, you continue to operate with a glass of knowledge a quarter full, and you don't care about smartening up, as you admit yourself.

    I am unclear how a total lack of "defensive effort" is solely the coach's fault and not the fault of the players in any way. Fact is, it is ultimately up to the guys on the floor if they elect to play defense, or even "try" as you claim they do not. You think D'Antoni would bench a guy for stopping the ball on a drive? Or would bench a guy for grabbing too many rebounds or getting too many blocks? The lack of effort to me is mostly on the players.

    The rebounding is piss poor, but it is piss poor at a level to where the basics aren't even being executed. That to me is indicative of player, not coach, issues. A coach should not have to teach you how to box out, a coach should not have to tell you to grab the ball and pull it in immediately rather than try to tip it. This isn't even high school stuff, it's middle school level, and the fact that we don't do that to me seems indicative of a player problem, not a coaching problem.

    You see a blatant disregard for using our bigs. I see a guy in Mozgov who started early in the year, and was not good. I see a team with now literally 2 legitimate big men, Turiaf and Mozgov. Our other "big" (Anthony Randolph) elects to take 20 foot air-ball jumpers whenever he sees action rather than focusing on getting open near the basket. I see a coach that started the season attempting to use a 10-man rotation and we struggled early on, and the coach adjusted (as you have said he hasn't). If he wasn't able to adjust we would have kept the 10-man rotation and not won games.

    I addressed many of your do me a favor and upfront address mine, or get out.
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    Originally Posted by Knicksin60
    Ignore the Curry, James, Francis, Jalen and Malik Rose deals & Isiah would be one of the top 5 gms .

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