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You didn't read well enough KBlack. PPG in combo with point differential. When you take all the games we've played this seeason, our average win total is by less than a point. It shows a lack of consistent defense. If you scored 80ppg but held the other team to 70ppg, it shows that your're a horrible offensive team, but a consistently good defensive team. If you hold them to 79ppg then it indicates that you just play a slow system and can dupe people into that system, but are not a good defensive team.
Or you are a team that holds the ball for 24 seconds before taking a shot, wasting and killing time.

Honestly, you won't convince me that ppg is a more well-rounded/applicable stat than points per 100 possessions, because points per 100 possessions necessarily eliminates at least 1 extraneous factor that directly impacts PPG. I honestly can't respect an opinion that goes off PPG when a much better stat that corrects for at least 1 more variable is available. Nothing personal.

And I don't get your point differential argument: we are +.4 on the season...what's your point? We are 2 games over .500, meaning we win a little bit more than we lose. It's only logical that we score, on the whole, a little bit more than we give up.