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    Stephen A Smith on espn radio at 2pm

    Going to discuss why we need to REDUCE THE EXCUSE!

    Check it out!

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    Originally Posted by Clyde & The Pearl
    This is it in a nutshell. How the heck could this guy complain when he doesnt use the Bigs we have or have had?
    It is a headscratcher for sure. Seems like the only "bigs" he's had much of affinity for since he's been our head coach other than Amar'e & David Lee were Jared Jeffries, Jonathan Bender & Timofey Mozgov, 3 of the biggest scrubs we've had on this team over his tenure. On the flipside guys like Zach Randolph, Darko Milicic, Anthony Randolph, Al Harrington & Jordan Hill have either found their way into his doghouse or have been dealt away. Zach I will give him a pass for as we had to get rid of his contract to free up cap space last summer, but those other guys could have helped to address our obvious needs in the frontcourt if they were ever given a legitimate chance in his rotation.

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