Was just reading this on another site. Apparently Alan Hahn's been speculating this...See my thing is why pursue this guy, trade $4.2M+ worth of assets to get him AND THEN saddle yourself with a combined salary in the neighborhood of $8.5M over the next two seasons which would severly hamper our leverage in FA for the summer of 2012 (let's face facts here: if we get Paul it'll probably be in a trade, although both the Knicks and Paul will need to maintain the threat of signing outright in order to keep the pressure on N.O. to deal)?

To me Curtis Stinson is practically the exact same player as Sessions; difference is we can go out and get this guy right now for $400-500K. Stinson was the MVP of the D-League this year and a NBDL champion..He can play...And remember, we're not talking lead guard to steer the bus here--that's why we decided to bring back Billups; we're talking backup PG or 3rd PG behind Douglas..To me, that doesn't equal $4.25M & $4.55M over the next two years..I just hope we're being smart about things here and look at ALL the alternatives available to us..Sometimes you can find the exact same thing (maybe even a better player) for millions less provided you're looking in the right places..