Ok, so looking at the knicks needs, outside of the obvious need for a 2nd legitimate superstar scoring option *cough*MELO*cough* we need two things. a Big that can run the floor, space well, defend and rebound and a back up PG option to lead the second unit and give Felton (or billuos) a rest.

Now there are a lot of guards in the league and not all of them are built to run in this system. As we are also looking at staying flexible in terms of the cap, we are looking for a relatively cheap option.

I think the best case scenario for the Knicks was TD getting it. But it appears he is much more of a combo guard option leaning more on the SG side of things.

Who else is out there that falls into our niche? a cheap servicable back up PG that isn't going to mess with the chemistry or the offensive flow, preferably an above average perimeter defender.

I have heard Chris Poohon's name thrown out there. I don't like this option for a few reasons. 1. he gets paid more then he deserves. 2. His individual play and decision making is questionable (not good for a pg) 3. he knows the system but was really only able to get anything going with D.Lee if we want a 2nd unit leader it should be someone who can get wing players involved more. 4. he is turnover prone.

So can someone else provide me with some players to watch out for? I know houston has a few guard that i'd like, but outside of that i'm drawing a blank. thoughts?