found chad ford's espn insider this on another board

New York Knicks
Cash remaining: Mid-level exception; $1.6 million exception
Players added: None
Players lost: None
Skinny: Isiah Thomas has been in hot pursuit of every free agent on the planet
this summer -- but so far he's come up empty. By now you know about the
high-profile attempts to work out a sign-and-trade with the Warriors for Erick
Dampier, the Bulls for Jamal Crawford and even the Lakers for Kobe Bryant. All
three deals look dead at the moment.

The Warriors are telling everyone that they aren't inclined to take on more
salary just to get Dampier more money on the open market. Bulls GM John Paxson
is insisting that he won't do a deal with the Knicks unless Thomas takes back
Jerome Williams and Eddie Robinson. Paxson wants only expiring contracts and
Shandon Anderson back in return. The team has also tried hard to pry away
Antoine Walker from the Mavericks to no avail.

On the likely chance that all of Isiah's pursuits fall through . . . what's
left, Knicks fans? The Knicks still have their mid-level, though it appears
they're on the verge of giving three million of it to Vin Baker. It doesn't
appear there are any unrestricted free agents out there are worth Isiah's time
with the extra $1.9 million he'd have left. The team does have the valuable
expiring contracts of Dikembe Mutombo, Othella Harrington, Frank Williams and
Cezary Trybanski to work with, which gives Thomas one shot, if he combined all
four players, of taking on a contract worth roughly $10.3 million. The Mavs are
also pushing Jerry Stackhouse their way if the Knicks would give up Kurt Thomas
in return.