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    Default Here is the Nuggets' 2008-2009 roster:

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    Don't get confused with Allen Iverson, they listed all the players there from that season including the first few games.

    Compare that team with us if the trade that's said to be in talks happens.

    Things to think about:

    - That Denver team is deeper
    - We might not have the depth, but would have two superstars
    - Melo is more experienced and still young
    - Billups was two years younger that season
    - Denver didn't make it to the Finals that season, but the west is tougher, although, if we do make it to the Finals, we're obviously are going to play against a team in the west

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    Alot of people don't understand, that was the best team Denver had in like over 20+ years. They were very volatile which has always been the problem. Too many combustible personalities on one team. Now they were talented but they had lots of issues that plagued them after that season. Also the West has become even tougher over the years.

    1.Kenyon Martin has been often injured since his NJ days and Amar'e is a
    huge upgrade from him.

    2.Melo is a better player and than he was then.

    3.Landry Fields is way better than Dahntay Jones...

    4.If we keep Moz, which it looks like he isn't Nene, but he has better size and can become a better player. Has shown signs even this year.

    5.Billups is older but still very reliable. Better than Felton from behind the arc.

    6.Beyond J.r.Smith, Birdman, and Linas Kleiza, that bench sucked ass.

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    Keep Moz and we are at least as good if not better in every starting position.

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