I feel so hyped up for this one man!

I was hyped before the season opener against Toronto, but now I'm close to exploding!

In the end it's a great looking trade, because it seems Billups is ok with beeing a Knick AND we got Corey Brewer who is even more talented than Chandler and Gallo. Plus Shelden Williams is another workhorse in the post like Turiaf.

We have a pretty good roster now...replace Billups with Chris Paul in the summer and the whole NBA will water their pants when thinking about the Knicks!

I bet the Bulls feel nervous, very very nervous. They won't admit it, but they're nervous....who's gonna defend Melo? Deng? Gibson? Bogans? - no way!

We can put Douglas and Billups on Rose, two legit defenders. Amar'e vs Boozer and Turiaf/ Shelden Williams vs Noah. Who knows maybe we get Earl Barron?

I'm 100% sure that we can make life very hard for Chicago and maybe beat them in 6 or 7.

1999 all over again....low seeded team going to the finals haha

I would probably die of a heart attack in the process