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ur such a bitch....he banished these two players? ur hormones are out of wack.....havent seen ur period in a few months huh?

mike d implemented plays for melo from denver, and adjusted the entire offense in one night....give the guy some slack
Yawn. Another tough guy behind a keyboard getting all worked up over the slightest, and most trivial, of meaningless things. Your feminine references are really original... Bet you've been saving those zingers, huh?

Basic reading comprehension people!

When I write: "But I wont accept a tight 8-man rotation that banishes these 2 players." I was talking about the next 27 games moving fwd (and the post season), while you're assuming I was talking about their DNP-CD last night.

Any 11 yr-old should have that figured out.

Ergo, again... IF Williams and Brewer remain on this team, and we do not add anything to the current roster, than those aforementioned players should be given the chance to contribute and not be banished... and the rotation should be more than last night's starting-5 + Douglas, Shawne & Walker.

AND... again... If you want to insult people at least offer some insight, like the poster who hinted that these 2 guys might be on the trade block.

Don't be Mr. Obvious. Of course these guys just arrived. This had nothing to do with that. MD prefers small lineups and he favors 8 to 9 man rotation. This is a fact.

So stop trying to pull my hair and be a man. Grow a thicker skin and get out more.