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Thread: Rivalry?

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    What ever happened to STAT1?

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    F*** the Celtics, I want revenge for that bs sweep, and the kevin garnett trip, and the horrible officiating.

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    Miami, Boston and Chicago

    Boston is going to re-group this upcoming summer and Dwight is most likely headed West

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    With all the hate towards Boston, the dislike for Chicago, Indiana, Philly and New Jersey:

    I've NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER hated a team as much as I hate these ****ing SOB called Miami Heat.

    Burn them with napalm.

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    Heat & Celtics. Not even close. As Boston decline, however, we'll be less involved with them when it really counts - in the post-season.

    Don't like Philly, born to hate the Pacers.

    **** any team that's not the Knicks, honestly.

    When it comes to players, last night's game against the Heat has me spitting at Chalmers as well as the Big 3. DWade has always pissed me off, and I hope he gets very painful ass grapes.

    Garknee is the biggest pole smoker on the planet, followed closely by Homdo, Piss and Gay Allen. I can honestly say that I hate them.
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    Miami is going to own Knicks for several seasons, heck if I was playing at home and saw Spike Lee try to invade my turf that alone will drive them. there is no rivalry, just on paper like sayin the Spurs and Grizzlies have a rivalry.
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    Typically rivalries are built on geographic location, history, or specific incidents that set people off.

    Miami has a number of these things going for them. They are in our conference, they have LeBron who scorned NY for south beach, they have pat the rat with his history of leaving the knicks for miami. They are also the most talented team so far listed by people, so for all of those reasons i've gotta pick the Heat to go to war with.

    A Nets/Knicks rivalry is ok, but they're not really a playoff team currently but it's possible they brew up to something. the Linsanity/dwill rivalry could blossom...

    Boston is a classic NY rival but it never seems to work out that the Knicks and Celtics are relevant at the same time and so our history with them is mostly one sided either way depending on the era. A rivalry will exist for another year, maybe 2 then boston will be in rebuilding mode while we hit our stride.

    The pacers I don't really hate on, i mean reggie doesn't play anymore for them, Donnie walsh was their guy and did a lot for the knicks so i can't front on that.

    Chicago is probably the next best rival because of all the history in the 90's and those MJ/Ewing battles. They play solid defense and some of them love to run their mouth so it's easy to get serious dislike going in the media.

    If Toronto ever became relevant again I could see them becoming a NY rival. Canada vs. USA, They had their first postseason series win against us, etc. They have good young talent and could end up being in the playoff mix in 2-3 years time depending on their development.

    Still I gotta say that right now Miami is the team to hate on. Followed by Boston for now, then Chicago, then the Nets.

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