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    I love the Yankees by they are my second favorite team behind the Red Sox!

    ****en bandwagon idiot douche

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    And honestly the real fear for me wasn't the Nuggets trading him to New Jersey but rather a late team like the Mavericks getting into the deal and trading for him.

    My biggest fear the entire time wasn't that he was going to go play for the Nets and win 30 games a year for the next 3 years. My biggest fear was that eventually the Mavs would come up with a deal as good as ours if we low-balled Denver, the Nuggets would trade him there without the extension and then Cuban convinces Melo to sign and we're screwed because we weren't willing to give up Gallinari+Felton+Chandler+Mozgov (Curry and AR were throw-ins, let's admit it).

    Imagine how sad it would be if Melo got traded to Dallas and then signed the extension with them in the off-season (which I believe he would've been allowed to do) after reaching the NBA Finals with the Mavericks?

    The Knicks would've been the absolute jokes of the NBA if we truly had a chance to get Carmelo and we passed on it. Yes, we can go on and on about how it would've been amazing if we could've swindled Denver but the more I think about it, we would've shot ourselves for not doing this deal.

    Same as how we shot ourselves for not trading David Lee for that Memphis pick (or something to that extent) that could've gotten us Russell Westbrook.

    We made a move, it's a RELATIVELY fair deal considering Carmelo is a superstar and one of the best players in the game, and we'll have to live with it.

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    Thought I'd bring this one back so everyone could see where we stand. Plus some of you haven't weighed in..

    I stand by my prediction. I still think we can defy expectations and get to the ECF w this squad.

    This is what MDA'S teams do. We're really becoming what we can be -- a good team!

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    We will be lucky if we win one game in first round. That's all I hope for since we haven't won a playoff game since 2002 I think.

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    I still feel the same way about our playoff run, and that is I just expect to give our 1st round opponent a tough series, possibly forcing a Game 7 where anything can happen. Those are realisitc expectations for this team, this year IMO.

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