2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 4 / Knicks @ Pacers - 05/14 7:00 pm


Let me understand this..Prig who has never driven for a layup...takes 4-5 shot in 30 min is going to beat the PACERS if he gets more time. Here's the PROBLEM for the KNICKS....THE PACERS>

When an offense is now working and there is no flow then its Woody's job to find a solution.
A. Felton who has looked awful
B Kidd who cant shoot right now and looks exhausted
c. Prigioni who in the Celtics series and Game 2 of this series was a huge spark...

Understand we are not saying Prigioni is a star we are saying he is better then the other 2 options RIGHT NOW.

As for Woody winning in Atlanta....U wil nothing unless u at least get to the conference finals....

Funny thing is JR can get on tear next game and Woody will have learned nothing.....


It's very hard for me to make a comment on this game without looking like a psychopath with an assassination plan on Mike Woodson with his tomfoolery last night.


Rotation player
He's also First Team all-defensive team, and last years Defensive player of the year. The Knicks continuously double teaming Hibbert when he's being guarded by Chandler is befuddling. Hibbert isn't dominating chandler on the blocks with his post up moves woody, his success comes from offensive put backs. when you double team Hibbert that leaves open shots for the pacers, and it also leads to players being out of position for rebounding purposes. Hibbert is NOT an elite offensive Center. Why is Woodson defensive plan one that acts like this dude is Shaq.. smh.