2018-19 NBA schedule released


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I know our Knicks are playing the Bucks on Xmas day. Not sure many other national games for us. I may have to get the package and watch our young boys:)


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Great! We can watch Giannis dunk over Hardaway again, but this time on a national televised game!

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Every loss gets us closer to Zion! Kyrie, Butler, Zion next summer... develop our kids. Win title in 2020.


Every loss gets us closer to Zion! Kyrie, Butler, Zion next summer... develop our kids. Win title in 2020.

For some reason i dont see us starting the regular season as LOSERS .. I see a 11-9 record after the Knicks first 20 games ..
especially if coach Fix (Fizdale) stay on top of his coaching game from pre-season to regular season.
The Knicks having KP out till Dec. or January give coach Fix (Fizdale) a lot of time to work new players Noah Vonleh and rookie Mitchell Robinson in the PF role alongside center Kanter and center Noah in the front court rotation.

We will always have the big-Apple media plus the Knicks announcers hyping-up how much the coach will need the Knicks future-star KP on the court to win whenever Tired-KP is out with injury. For instance ....

Ian Begley
ESPN Staff Writer

Walt Frazier puts things in perspective for the Knicks during an interview Wednesday on SiriusXM NBA Radio, discussing the importance of Kristaps Porzingis' health: "The reality is without KP, man, we're going nowhere. Without Porzingis, he's our future. The worst thing that could have happened to the Knicks did happen. This guy blew his knee out mid season. Supposedly he's coming back in January, but who knows. If the Knicks don't get him back to his former grandeur things are looking pretty bleak for them." Porzingis is currently rehabbing from ACL surgery. He's expected to remain sidelined until at least December.

The Knicks coach Fix (Fizdale) has a nice young n veteran rotation to play the first 3 months of the season without KP in the lineups .... Veteran Kanter and Noah could split the minute at the center position.
Young Vonleh and Robinson could split the minute at PF.
Young Hezonja and Knox could split the minute at SF.
Veteran Lee and young-minded THJ could split the minute at SG.
And young Burke and Frank could split the minute at running the point.
Players Lance Thomas, Mudiay, Baker, Dotson, and Kornet need to ride the bench till mid-season or a rotation players injury.
The 10 players i mention for the Knicks 10 Man rotation need consistent playing-time throughout the start of the season to get on the same-page with each other on both sides of the court.
Truth be said .. I liked having last season SF Doug McDermott, SF Beasley, and PF Kyle O'Quinn's team-hustle coming off the bench.