3 Guard Line Up


Do you guys think we may be playing even better with Bargs out. Not so much the defensive liability that he is, but we aren't so predictable with him. 90% of his shots are from the free throw line. He fakes the 3 steps up 3 steps and shoots. Other teams zone in to iso Melo or Bargs from the strip jump shots. Thats 90% of our game when they play together. I'm also liking Tyler getting decent minutes too. Watch us win the next few games playing the 3 guard line up


3 guard lineups r successful when u run run run ..
thats how "Stat & Marion" frontline had success every season with Nash (not a walk the ball Marbury).

Our 3 guard lineup are a liability on defense playing slow-ball in a half-court set on both ends.

As a coach, I could work well with a 27 minute Barg talent getting 9 minute runs.
Melo dont compliment Bargs skills as well as MWP, K-Mart, or Tyson.

Melo is a 32 minute player on the Knicks .. we have other options to score .. perimeter scorers Bargs/THJ, and getting the ball inside to scorers Stat/MWP/K-Mart/and Tyler. Plus we have players Beno/Prig/and Shump who is very successful pushing the ball to running bigmen.
But we dont run, or cant run when a 40 minute Melo want to walk the ball upcourt on every offensive-possession.