3 of the 8 Worst Contracts in the NBA

We have 3 of the 8 worst contracts in the NBA, according to Bill Simmons at least. Article goes on forever, but the list starts closer to the bottom.


The funniest part of this list is also how many bad contracts that are listed that are players signed away from us by other teams (Landry Fields, Jeremy Lin), guys we traded away (Steve Novak), or guys that we tried to get and couldn't (Steve Nash, etc.).

I can't say I disagree with the assessments of our contracts, but to be fair, STAT and Bargs both only have a year and a third left on their deals, while a lot of those other guys ranked as less worse contracts than them will be sinking their teams' contract situation like an anchor for a much longer time into the future.


wow, what an amazing article, filled with facts and humor! good find htr10!

so sad that STAT is the #1 worst contract for 2 years running, but the worst, most cringing part of the article is the video of Andrea Bargnani's NBA life with the Raptors and joining the Knicks. mein got!



Simmons slices and dices bad contracts every which way in this article from worst 1 year deals to long term deals to guys that just aren't worth it like Steve Novak. Anyway for those that don't want to read this the 3 Knicks in the top 8 are 1. Amare 3. Bargs 8. JR