98meter shot



years ago when i was playing with 2 buddies free throws one of them was shooting

basket was without net and whole construction was builder from fat steel.

so he hit pure basket then ball was jumping aroud whole construction bouncing and then ball suddennly flew up above glass and again hit into basket so he score twice but shooting just once

when we saw that our reaction was just same as these guys


Your friends shot would have been more interesting, too bad you didn't catch it on video. This video was OK, really the guy didn't have to do much, just flip it and let gravity do it's thing. Enough tries and eventually it goes in.


it was times that only VHS tapes was available but who can expect that he scores something like that

other amazing event was that other dude which was smaller than me and was smoking a lot set a bet
dont rememebr what kind a bet was that but some1 gave him mission

u have 10 shots and u have to score minimum 3 but that shot was from end of court [it was outdoor court]

point is he took just 3 shoots using 1 hand [same type as Wade passing ball to James during fastbreaks]

his all 3 shots ended inside basket one of them was tourning around basket for more than 5 seconds but finally hit inside.

this time i dont need to comment his reaction but i rememebr he run away like sprinter from court to some1 away more than 200meters. He wasnt basketball fan.

if i will remind other amazing stories i will report it in herre.