A New Player Only Dinner:

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Well gang this a new one for me. Use to ‘Player Only Meeting’ are generally on the team facility. Never thought about a dinner but I can somewhat see the logic.

For those of you that know what great value I have placed on the last ‘Player Only Meeting’ in 2019(I think).

This meeting didn’t do anything from what the article mentioned. The only thing I can summarize is they got there bellies full.

Nothing about ‘Why are we playing like this ’?
Nothing about ‘ What needs to be done to solve the problems’?
THE BIG QUESTION ‘WHO are WHAT is the PROBLEM and what will solve IT’??

MM had a real ‘Player Only Meeting’ in 2019. Players spoke out about what wrong.
It’s funny that the problems of that meeting(2019) seem to be instrumental in calling this meeting.


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Not sure if that helped but i wouldn't mind if these things would go on regular basis


Brunson pops probably called the meeting to let players get things off their chest ..
Fournier was taken out the rotation after the meeting, and the rotation went down to 9 players after the meeting, plus the best winning player (D.Rose) on the roster are still receiving less than 15 minutes a game after the meeting.
I hope the meeting talked about how to win back to back games, plus how to pick up on the poor defense .. I doubt any one at the meeting yelled out "Randle & Barrett need to play defense rather than sit under the basket waiting on a defensive rebound for their stats.".

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Rady… players in an environment like that where coaches are excluded. There has to be an honest assessment of yourself and the team. Notice I said yourself first. In the Knicks current state I don’t see that happening. Note the different between both meetings. There was some very honest feelings reveal in that meeting in 2019. They discuss what was wrong and who was the problem. Having a player like Trier assured there would be some calling out not to mention Ellington, Bobby P., and MM would be vocal. All of those players are gone except MRob and the problems.
Nothing has come out of this dinner meeting but what RJ said.
I have tried to get other in this forum to realize the important of that first meeting and the things that happen afterward.

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Kiya, never thought about JB father calling that meeting and let Randle take the credit.
What was said and who said what about what.
Nothing is being said about the dinner meeting.


Rady, we Knicks fans may not know what was said at the meeting, however the performance we watch in the 5 games in 7 days will let fans know if the meeting was a success or failure .. The Knicks 4th quarter win over the Utah Jazz last night are leaning on a successful meeting. Tonight game vs a Jokicless Nuggets team may lean more on success if Brunson gets help defense on Murray, and Cam Reddish lockdown Porter perimeter shooting.