Andre Iguodala has harsh words for Knicks? Kevin Durant push


And nobody wanted to sign with GSW either until KD.

The Warriors won a NBA championship, and then the next season had a 73 win season without KD.
The OKC Thunders KD went to the FINALS having Westbrook & Harden as teammates vs Miami Big-3, and then OKC Thunders star KD went to the WCF having Westbrook & Olydipo as teammates plus held a 3-1 lead in the WCF to lose the next 3 straight games vs the Warriors.

KD as a Thunders got double-team practically every game .. KD as a Warriors rarely never got double-team in a game.
KD as a Knicks would get triple team every game !!!
For what it?s worth, I just watched the video of Iguodala saying the quote in the 1st post and it is the most harmless, good natured thing imaginable. He was having fun with the ESPN hosts in a string of making other comments supportive of the Warriors.